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Posted by Gerald Cochran

Mozilla has released the primary publicly out there of Firefox 5 Beta, that acts as a halfway house between the ultimate stable, final unleash of Firefox and also the developmental version, Firefox Aurora. The beta version offers a a lot of stable surroundings than Aurora within which to road-test developmental options before they are implemented into consequent final unleash.

On the surface there is very little to differentiate Firefox 5 from Firefox 4 Beta during this beta unleash, that installs over the highest of any existing stable unleash, however it will feature the new Firefox Channel Switcher that permits users to maneuver between developmental and stable versions of Firefox from a convenient dialog box.

At time of testing, the Firefox Channel Switcher solely works when switching users from the Beta channel to the Aurora alpha channel. However, whereas Firefox Aurora is meant to be put in alongside the beta or stable version, switching to Aurora from the Firefox Channel Switcher truly overwrites the Beta version.

The Beta version additionally showcases a similar Feedback button that is gift in Aurora, and that is meant to encourage users to report bugs yet as general feedback concerning the build they are currently using.

The final unleash of Firefox, scheduled for late June, will coincide with Mozilla's call to forcibly upgrade the twelve million remaining Mozilla Firefox 3.5 users to version Firefox 3.6 in an exceedingly move that effectively signals the end-of-life for version 3.5 of the browser. within the meantime, Mozilla Firefox 5 Beta may be a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux users, however keep in mind that it'll install over the highest of any existing stable Firefox application, therefore use with caution. To revert to an earlier stable version, merely install this over the highest of the beta version.

Download Firefox 5 Beta

Title: Download Firefox 5 Beta - Free Mozilla Updates
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Written By Gerald Cochran

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