How to Install Mozilla Firefox

Posted by Gerald Cochran

Find the file you downloaded firefox.exe. It should be called Mozilla Firefox Setup.exe or something very similar. Double-click the file to start installation.

Once the installation is carried out in accordance with the license and accept the defaults suggested.

At one point in the installation of Mozilla Firefox, you are asked if you want to make Mozilla Firefox your default browser. I suggest that initially answered "no". That way you can try Mozilla Firefox, without altering any of its current Windows settings.

If at a later date you want to make Mozilla Firefox your default browser, you can select this option from Mozilla Firefox.

After installation, the Mozilla Firefox Setup Wizard Import run asks if you want to import your favorites, Internet options, cookies, saved passwords, settings and a variety of other data from Internet Explorer. Answering "yes" to all who have this information in Mozilla Firefox makes for a much smoother transition.

Title: How to Install Mozilla Firefox
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Written By Gerald Cochran

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