Download Firefox 8 Beta 5 for Windows, Mac and Linux Free

Posted by Gerald Cochran

Having launched solely several days once Mozilla released Firefox 7, this cluster makes beta versions of upcoming product, Firefox 8, out there to the final public at this point. Ever since the discharge of Firefox four, Mozilla began issuing a lot of frequent updates to its browser, however none of them have contained any vital feature enhancements.

Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta, whereas still a dead ringer for its closest predecessors, finally brings some new options to the table, which, albeit not revolutionary, create the expertise of using the browser way more appealing – even perhaps to people who have long switch to browsers like Chrome or Opera.

In addition, Firefox 8 currently has Twitter search designed into its search feature by default, creating it easier to go looking for tweets within the social network. If you’re a zealous Twitter user, you’ll possible relish this alteration, however it in all probability won’t be a decisive feature if you’re thinking of switching to Firefox. Nonetheless, Twitter is turning into increasingly turning into widespread, thus it’s sensible to check Twitter a lot of deeply integrated.

In addition to new feature, Firefox 8 Beta includes the standard technology and engine upgrades, like support for addition HTML5 technologies. There also are said to be across the board performance enhancements.

Download Firefox Beta: For Windows For Mac For Linux

Title: Download Firefox 8 Beta 5 for Windows, Mac and Linux Free
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Written By Gerald Cochran

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