Firefox 10 Nightly Download for Mac, Linux and Windows

Posted by Gerald Cochran

After releasing Mozilla Firefox 7, Mozilla team has started code migration for alternative channels. Firefox 8 can land to Beta channel, and Firefox 9 can return to Aurora channel. Firefox ten has already landed to the nightly channel of Firefox. the foremost recent nightly build version is Firefox 10.0a1 (alpha).

The Nightly build can install alongside alternative Firefox builds, specifically the Aurora build and also the Beta/Stable build. However, it'll share access to existing Firefox settings, that means there's a risk you'll lose these if one thing catastrophic was to happen.

With this in mind, we’d strongly advocate you merely install Firefox Nightly on a check machine, or in an exceedingly virtual surroundings like that provided by VirtualBox. Once done, you'll safely road check it, secure within the data you’re not attending to screw up your main pc by doing therefore.

Nightly introduces Firefox 10.0a1, though no unleash notes or public unleash data exists. several v10 options aren't included within the 1st Nightly alpha, however it's fascinating to notice that each Windows and Linux builds embody a 64-bit version of Firefox similarly because the default 32-bit version.

The forthcoming UI re-design is not included during this build, however will previewed by putting in a separate Nightly build, Firefox 10 UX, instead. If you are fascinated by bleeding edge Firefox development, keep one eye on Mozilla's Burning Edge blog.

Download Firefox Nightly: For Windows For Mac For Linux

Title: Firefox 10 Nightly Download for Mac, Linux and Windows
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Written By Gerald Cochran

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