Download Firefox 9 Aurora for Windows, Mac and Linux

Posted by Gerald Cochran

Having raised a beta version of mozilla firefox or that we have a tendency to are acquainted with Mozilla Firefox 8 beta, this point Firefox displays a replacement browser named Firefox Aurora or Firefox 9 Aurora. with a range of latest options and fixing bugs from the beta version currently firefox comes back.

Finally, maybe the largest new feature in Firefox 9, could be a new tab page. For ages, new tabs were straightforward blank pages in Firefox. Now, you get an inventory of bookmarks still as an inventory of the foremost visited websites.

The design of the new tab page is minimalistic, future versions might modification this, however that is not a nasty things. The websites are displayed in a very thumbnail grid that appearance smart and conjointly provides easy accessibility.

Already Firefox 9 appears like a solid unleash and also the changes listed higher than are linked to the UI solely. Firefox Aurora conjointly guarantees to be faster and additional economical and conjointly embrace new options underneath the hood. Note that the screenshots are for the Linux version of Firefox 9, however the changes ought to be similar on all platforms.

Download Firefox Aurora: For Windows For Mac For Linux

Title: Download Firefox 9 Aurora for Windows, Mac and Linux
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Written By Gerald Cochran

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